Managing Director Message


Welcome to Kananura Schools: a private school with a distinct and successful culture of students learning together,supporting and encouraging each other to do their best .At Kananura , Staff work collaborately to develop a clear,comprehensive and cohesive curriculum,to support the health and wellbeing of students and to challenge our students to reach their fullest potential. 

Students are at the centre of our approach to teaching and learning and our decision-making and we hold high expectations of student learning, leadership, participation and behaviour.

At Kananura Schools, we are committed to academic excellence and to the development of the whole person and we are proud to cultivate the diverse talents of our students.

Kananura Schools is a vibrant place of learning and personal growth. We expect students to do their personal best, invest effort into their learning, and take up opportunities that arise to showcase their talents, explore their interests, and continually develop new knowledge and skills.

Kananura Schools is committed to creating a school community where all members are welcomed, accepted and treated equitably and with respect, regardless of their backgrounds or personal attributes such as race, language, religious beliefs, gender identity, sexual orientation or disability so that they can participate, achieve and thrive at school. Kananura Schools acknowledges and celebrates the diversity of backgrounds and experiences in our school community and we will not tolerate any behaviours, language or practices that disrespect or demean others.

As Director , I am committed to leading Kananura Schools to achieve even higher levels of student learning and wellbeing and to guiding staff, students and parents through our rapid growth in enrolments and size, and to working together with the community to ensure that we are providing the best possible educational opportunities for students. We have seen the academic results of students continue to improve over the past four years with our score increasing each year. Survey show that parents are, on the whole, highly satisfied with the school and the positive outcomes in all variables on the survey are well above the state average for schools.

Communication is essential and our website is an important means by which we communicate with the school community and Our official facebook account, Instagram account, Twitter account and LinkedIn account also provides regular updates on student achievement and school activities.

By Dr. Datius K.Rweyemamu

Director, Kananura Schools,

Dar es salaam.