History of Kananura Schools

Kananura  Schools is a Private-centered, serving over 831 Central Tanzania students across three academic divisions Secondary School (Form1-Form 4), Primary School (Standard 1-Standard 7), Nursery School (Preschool – 3years to 4 years), and the Extended Educational Programs (Saturday Events Program and Sporting’s Program , ICT program, Debate Program, English Program).

Since our opening in 2006, Kananura Schools has continued to grow the academic and educational programs that have elevated its students to the highest levels of achievement. More importantly, though, as a private school Kananura Schools has helped develop its students’ strength of character, leading these young men and women to serve others in their own community and across the globe.

In 2018, Kananura Schools  Has Won the 6th  Position in the cluster mock examination standard seven , Won the 2nd band in primary school Leaving Examination, and won the 1st band academic performance in SFNA.In 2019, the Primary School received the same honor.

Our Director of Kananura Schools, Dr. Datius K. Rweyemamu  invite you to tour our website, then join us in person for a visit to our campus. Once here, you will remember us for our greatest achievement – equipping young men and women to fulfill God’s purpose for their lives with extraordinary integrity, unquestionable ability, and life-long service to the global community.