School Life


The schools houses a Medical Room accessible during school hours. Skilled Staff Nurse is in attendance to ensure that all emergencies are treated with utmost care and attention. Regular medical check–ups are conducted and detailed medical records of students are maintained . Students are mentored on the various aspects diseases, first aid, life style, diet management. The students are also oriented about the importance of developing immunity.

 First Aid Kit and urgent medicine is always there.


School is under surveillance of CCTV. We keep CCTV footage for up to one month. All our campus area is covered with  CCTV cameras. We installed CCTV cameras so that security is maintained at all cost.


At Kananura Schools we offer dormitory for Boarding pupils to  reside during the semester.


‘Kananura Schools’ provides a Government approved safe, secure and child friendly transport system for students. The school has a fleet of AC and Non-AC buses catering to students up to 30-40 KM from school area.
Each route has multiple buses, and make sure that each student  will get the seat. Each bus contains one Male and one Female coordinator to make sure that students face no problem during transportation.


There is a well – equipped computer lab in the schools. we focus on keyboarding, word processing and internet skills.
 Our lab is equipped with a lot of computers. Each child has his / her own workstation to practice and watching Video clips of variety of subjects taught.


Kananura Schools provides facility of learning through smart classrooms. In addition to learning from teachers and books, students are also provided with a video curriculum for every subject and every topic in their books. Students also enjoy learning from video show on the screens through TV.


We have well equipped Laboratory with all important facilities .Our laboratory used to do the experiments necessary for the lessons ,under supervision of our qualified and experienced teachers and lab assistants.


Kananura Schools provides multiple opportunities to develop skills in competitive team sports, while learning the responsibilities and leadership qualities of team play. Students are introduced to several individual sports and encouraged to develop proficiency in them.

Sports or physical activities plays an essential role in development of students. Sports and physical activities keep students fit and improve their physical and mental health. While playing sports students gain many essential qualities that they can’t get through books. They learn team work, discipline, hardwork, commitment, team spirit, coordination etc.


A library is an important source of knowledge to young minds. The school boasts well-equipped libraries with books on various topics.

All students have easy accessibility to the books as we have an open shelf system. We also have separate reading place for  students and new books are added from time to time.


We organize trips to different to different destinations inside and out side the country.These trips provide a great opportunity for pupils to gain such experience and make a major contribution to the acquisition of knowledge and development of skills.